Pedro Millan is a Puerto Rican/American saxophonist with a specialization in woodwinds. Born in Miami, Florida but raised in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico from youth till the age of twelve only to move back to Miami where the twenty three year old demonstrated a persistent interest in music. 


Consequently, through his studies through secondary school, under the direction of local saxophonist David Fernandez, he went on to participate in the 2012 Heritage Festival in Washington D.C., the 2013 Smokey Mountains Festival in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the 2014 Jazz Band of America in Indianapolis and the 2014 Essentially Ellington Jazz Festival and Competition in New York City where he realized his calling.


This led him to pursue an Associate in Arts at the Miami Dade Honors College where he met and studied under the legendary and local saxophonists Ed Calle, and Gary Keller. There, with the help of his professors, he was able to participate in competitions like the 2015 Perform with Mintzer Competition, and the 2015 WDNA 88.9 Jazz Competition.


As a result, he then left toward Jacksonville, Florida to complete his Bachelors degree at the University of North Florida where he discovered his love for playing clarinet and flute, on top composing and arranging for small and large ensembles. 


It was there where he finished with a Bachelor of Music under the tutelage of Todd Delgiudice, Clarence Hines, Gia Sastre, and Peter Wright; as well, as going on to participate in the famous JE1 big band, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, and the 2018 Disney All American College Band.


Ever since then, Pedro is currently studying his Masters Degree at the Prins Claus Conservatory at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and has played around the world with people like John Clayton, Gordon Goodwin, Wayne Bergeron, Conrad Herwig, Luis Bonilla, Michael Mossman, Eddie Palmieri, Bryan Lynch, Ignacio Berroa, Charlie Persip, David Steinmeyer and many more.  


One day, he hopes, to develop a steady music therapy occupation and consistent performance career within New York City.